You Killed Hamlet, or Guilty Creatures Sitting At A Play has closed.

2 years. 2 countries. 6 venues. 7 reviews. 39 donors. 1200 spectators. May angels sing You Killed Hamlet to its rest.

TWO PROPHETIC PRANKSTERS play some disturbing games inspired by Hamlet’s central theme: Coping with death. Shreds, a grotesquely emaciated freak, and Patches, a 350-pound jiggling juggernaut are linked by a state of infinite jest and interweave ecstatic ritual, parody, poetry, song, and extreme physical comedy into a fun-house mirror of the audience. Guerrilla/gorilla warfare, convalescent homes, school shootings, crying mothers, theatre audiences, religion, anti-depressants, avant-garde performance, medical research, and yes, Shakespeare’s Hamlet all get a proper skewering in this evening of high-impact satirical sport. Scroll down to find reviews, a press page with downloadable images and press releases, and more.

Check out this interview we did as a preview for our final run in Montreal here.


Someone let us on live radio...twice.

Gregory Scharpen hosts Arts in Review on KALX, 90.7 FM in Berkeley and he’s a total class act.   Nathaniel & Ross, however, chose to be pretentious schmucks back in May 2013. Enjoy.

Nathaniel was interviewed for a preview piece in November 2013 live on Montreal’s CKUT-FM by the lovely Sarah Deshaies and Delicious Eric. Listen in.

“Naked Empire Bouffon Company deliver the goods in unexpected ways in You Killed Hamlet, or Guilty Creatures Sitting At A Play. It’s vile and provocative, but it’s also a very sly, smart commentary on a culture busily amusing itself as it slides off this mortal coil, too afraid to talk about serious things, and too busy dumbing itself down.”

-John Marcher, A Beast In A Jungle

“Their acutely confrontational performance style makes the San Francisco Mime Troupe look like a bunch of old biddies gathering for afternoon tea. Nothing — neither death nor Hamlet — is sacred. It soon becomes apparent that Shreds and Patches may very well be the bastard love children of Beavis and Butt-head and Patsy and Edina (from Absolutely Fabulous). Highly recommended.”

-George Heymont, Huffington Post

“The excellence of the piece lies in the [Bouffons’] ability to bring the high falutin subject matter down to its knees, only to raise it up again, somehow more reverently than ever before.”

-Stuart Bousel, Co-founder of San Francisco Theater Pub and his very own line of annual theater awards, or Stueys. We won BEST FUSION THEATER PIECE.